Edinburgh Cruiser

HMS Edinburgh was a flagship of the British Royal Navy, which saw a great deal of combat service during World War II. On her last voyage, in 1942 Edinburgh carried a 4.5-long-ton (4,570 kg) consignment of gold bullion, intended as partial payment for Allied supplies to the USSR. The 465 gold ingots, carried in 93 wooden boxes, were in the armoured bomb-rooms. At the time, the estimated worth of the bullion was about £1.5 million sterling. On 2 May, she was attacked off by three large German destroyers and finally Edinburgh sank being hit by a German torpedo. Two officers and 56 other ranks were killed in the attacks. The vigorous action of the minesweepers led the Germans to mistake the power of the force they were facing. In April 1981, the survey ship Dammtor began searching for the wreck in the Barents Sea. The depth was 245 metres and finally 431 of 465 ingots had been recovered, now worth in excess of £43,000,000 sterling. In honour of this flagship and rescue operation of her cargo, this special issue of whisky is named.